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RAL K7 Classic
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BRV 100 (2014)


Water-based cold applied bitumen emulsion waterproofing primer

Public Works Pos. No. : 04.379/106


It is used in the groundwork and basement curtains of the buildings as humid proof material, at dry or humid details such as terrace, roof, kitchen bathroom etc as waterproofing material. under bituminous coatings as a primer, in fiberglass, canvas etc. applications as primer material and binder, in protection of metal surfaces such as steel constructions, pipes, etc, As impermeability and adherence enhancing additive into mortars and ponds formed with cement and/or fine sand, to prevent the construction molds from stretching out of the water and as mold separator.

Type  TS 113
Colour Dark Brown
Outlook Bright
Thinner Water
Solid Matter by Weight, % 35
Density 1,01 g/cm³
Waste 400 gr/m2
Package 17 kg net plastic packaging
Flash Point Not flammable
Application Methods Brush, Roller, Air Gun, Airless Gun
Shelf Life 1 year
Waiting Time Between Coats 5 hours / 25°C
Drying Time 5 hours/ 25 °C
Mechanical Strength 7 days
Equipment Cleaning With water


* The surfaces to be applied should be free from oil, dust and dirty.
* Free parts on the surface, cement grout on concrete surfaces and parts that
prevent adhesion are cleaned.


Surfaces to be insulated should be checked for surface smoothness, surface dryness and cleanliness and adequate inclination before priming. Once these conditions are met, dwell-based Waterproofing Material BRV 100 Primer is applied to the surface with a brush or gun with a waste of 0.400 kg / m2 and is expected to dry completely. If necessary, it can also be diluted with 20% water. It will dry within about 4-5 hours depending on weather conditions. In two-coat applications, the first coat is completely dry and then the other floor must be applied. Membrane bonding work is started after the primer is completely dry.


Because it does not contain solvent, it is environment friendly and can be used easily in closed areas.It can be applied on dry and humid surfaces. After dryness, it forms a continuous layer of water and moisture impermeable on the applied surface. It is used as impermeability and adhesion additive in cement based mortars, as primer under the bitumen coatings and as insulation coating.