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RAL K7 Classic
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BRV2K (2014)


Two component, flexible, water based, fiber reinforced, polymer bituminous waterproofing material

Public Works Pos.No. : 04.379/105


It is used in underground applications such as foundation, curtain, wall and basement as water and damp proof material, in the protection and isolation of building and building elements exposed to water seepage, temporary and continuous water pressure, dry or slightly humid details such as terrace, roof, kitchen, bathroom etc. as waterproofing material, at isolation of mineral surfaces such as concrete, stone, brick, briquette, plaster, alum, in repair of insulations such as old bituminous membrane asphalt etc., in bonding thermal insulation boards, with the addition of insulation netting, isolation cloth etc., in insulation applications that must withstand higher pressure water.

TS EN 15814 + A2
Colour Black
Outlook Dark consistency liquid
Thinner Water
Solid Matter by Weight, % 35
Density 1,10 g/cm³
Waste Insulation against humid: for 3 mm thickness min.3,3 kg/m2
Against unpressurized water: for 4 mm thickness min. 4,4 kg/m2
Against pressurized water: for 6 mm thickness min.6,6 kg/m2
For bonding of heat insulation sheets min.2 kg/m2
As a primer
The use of the liquid component with 1:10 water 0.20-0.25 kg/m2
The use of mixture mortar with 1: 5 water 0.5-0.8 kg/m2
Consumption amount may vary according to application details and smoothness and absorptance of surface.
Package Liquid and powder components are in 32 kg plastic case ((Liquid: 24 kg, Powder:8 kg)
Flash Point 100 °C
Mixture Ratio Liquid/powder:3/1
Application Methods Brush, Roller, Air Gun, Airless Gun
Mixture Life 1-2 hours/25 °C
Shelf Life 1 year
Waiting Time Between Coats The first coat should be completely cured and then the second coat applied.
Drying Time Minimum 48 hours depending on temperature and relative humidity
Waterproof after hardening
(DIN 1048)
7 bar
Mechanical Strength 7 days
Equipment Cleaning With water
Application surface shall be cleaned of dust, dirt, rust and oil, loose parts should be scratched. Pointed tips and angles must be rounded. The iron and wooden blocks on the surface should be removed and if there is, gaps should be filled. Camber should be made to the corner and edges at least 4 cm in diameter. BRV 2K should be applied on dry concrete by lining.

Mixing quantities:
24 kg liquid component
8 kg powder component

Primer Application:
The powder component is slowly added into the liquid component and mixed with a 400-600 c/min mixer for 3-5 minutes until a homogeneous, lump-free mixture is obtained. Together with, after 1/10 of the liquid component of BRV 2K or ½ is thoroughly mixed with 1/5 water and diluted, it can be applied as surface primer. The material should be distributed in a balanced manner with a suitable brush, must be applied on horizontal surfaces without allowing material accumulation. Drying of the primer is waiting and then the main application is started.

Coating Application :
Once primer is dry, it is applied in 2-5 mm thickness with brush, trowel or suitable spraying equipment. It can be applied more depending on the absorptance and roughness of the surface, and the water pressure that the waterproofing layer will be exposed to. If 2 coats are applied, the first coats should be waited to cure and the other coats should be started later. In large areas it is recommended to use 50-100 gr / m2 fibrocarbon or mesh for the purpose of increasing the mechanical properties of the horizontal vertical composition and bridging the cracks. The prepared mixture should be consumed within 1-2 hours depending on the temperature of the air.