RAL K7 Classic
Teknik Şartnameler
RAL K7 Classic
Teknik Şartnameler



Coal tar modified epoxy top coat paint with two-component, solvented high resistance to corrosion, rust, salt water and chemicals.


It is used to protect steel and concrete structures buried in water and soil. As it can be applied alone, it can be applied on epoxy primer and intermediate layers.

Type  TS 11589
Colour Black-Brown
Outlook Semi-Matt
Thinner Epoxy Thinner
Solid Matter by Weight, % 78
Density 1,50 g/cm³
Waste 90 gr / m2 for single layer 40 micron
Package 14 kg A Component + 7 kg B Component: Total 21 kg
Flash Point >25 °C
Mixture Ratio 2 / 1
Application Methods Brush Roller Air Airless Gun
Mixture Life 1 hour / 25°C
Shelf Life 1 year
Waiting Time Between Coats 6 hours / 25°C
Drying Time 12 hours/ 25°C
Mechanical Strength 7 days
Equipment Cleaning Epoxy Thinner


Surface preparation is very important so that epoxy paint can show expected performance. The surfaces to be primed should be cleaned of all kinds of rust, rolling crust, dirt, dust, oil and grease. It is especially recommended to sand blasting at least Sa 2 ½ degrees according to Swedish standard SIS 05 59 00 for surface cleaning. Abrasives should be used that provides Surface roughness Medium G 30-85 micron degree iso 8503-2.


A and B component should be mixed with a low speed mixer for at least 3-4 minutes until a homogenous mixture is obtained by paying attention to mixture ratios. It is ready for application after mixing.>


The prepared mixture must first be applied to the bolt heads, welding seams and sharp edges as two coats. Then the process is completed by applying coal tar to give a dry film of 250 microns in 2 transverse coats to the entire surface. After application, the uncoated pores should be repaired by visual inspection.


*Avoid applications under 10°C and in very humid environments.

Products recommended for use under this product:
* AC 070 Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
* AC 080 Surface Tolerant Epoxy Primer
* AC 2480 Epoxy Intercoat Primer