RAL K7 Classic
Teknik Şartnameler
RAL K7 Classic
Teknik Şartnameler



It is a mineral-filled textured exterior insulation coating and paint with specific chemical and physical properties, ready to use, resistant to UV rays in adverse weather conditions, elastic, waterproof and washable special silicone content.


It is used as a decorative waterproof exterior wall covering and painting on the concrete, plaster, block brick, gas concrete, osb, mdf and all kinds of mineral building elements on the exterior of the buildings.


TS EN 1062-1


White (RAL)




Can be thinned with water.


1,57 g/cm³


0,600-1,000 kg / m2


5 kg - 10 kg - 20 kg

Application Methods

Brush, Roller, Airless Gun

Shelf Life

1 year

Drying Time

12 hours /25 °C

Equipment Cleaning

Clean with water.


The floor to be applied must be cleaned from oil, dirt, rust, dust and all kinds of residues. These affects product performance positively that The surface to be applied is strong and durable, attention must be paid to the completion of the set time of the new plastered surfaces, Poly Primer water based floor and wall monster is applied on surfaces with high suction power and in hot weather applications


The application must first be applied as a one or two coats with a standard long-haired outer-wall roller. The pattern should be given from top to bottom with coral roller before the final coat application is dried. Coral roller should not be immersed in the product. Material waste will increase at m2 as a result of the application with directly corall roller, because the adhense of the coating will become difficult due to the vacuum effect of coral roller. Therefore, in teksture applications, applying in two stages will affect the speed and quality of work in positive direction. In two-stage application, work with two people tecnically. First-person should be applied product with normal exterior wall roller, second person must finish by patterning from top to bottom with coral roller without permitting the drying of the coating. During and after application, the surface should be protected from adverse weather conditions such as rain-filled snow for at least 48 hours. Care must be taken that the surface and air temperature is between 5°C and 30°C in order for the application to be healthy. The full drying time is 24 hours after the product is applied. Complete waterproofing occurs after 7 days. Because of the specific structure of the product, there is no need to repaint the applied surface as a protector.