RAL K7 Classic
Teknik Şartnameler
RAL K7 Classic
Teknik Şartnameler



Two-component, self-leveling, solvent-free, elastic polyurethane waterproofing coating with high mechanical and chemical resistance, tensile and tear strength..

Public Works Pos.No. : 04.379/108 : 04.379/108


It is used as insulation coating for water insulation purposes, on the roofs and terraces of the buildings, on the reinforced slope with heat insulation, concrete surfaces, basement floors, water reservoirs, irrigation channels, gypsum and betopan panels. It is solvent free and has high mechanical and chemical resistance, tensile and tear strength. Resistant to -30ºC


TS EN 1504-2/ April 2008 Principle 2 (MC): Humid control: 2.2 Coating application (C) ,

Principle 8 (IR) Increasing Resistance by Limiting Humid Content: 8.2 Coating Application (C)


White-Gray (RAL colors)



There may be discoloration in environments exposed to direct sunlight, but it does not adversely affect the performance of the product.

Solid Matter by Weight, %



1,30 g/cm³


1,300 kg /m2 (to obtain a dry film thickness of 1 mm)


16 kg A component + 4 kg B component: 20 Total  kg

Flash Point

>25 °C

Mixture Ratio

4 / 1

Application Methods

Brush, Roller, Trowel, Airless Gun

Mixture Life

20 min / 25 °C

Shelf Life

1 yeat

Waiting Time Between Coats

At 25 °C 12 hours

Drying Time

At 25 °C 24 hours

Mechanical Strength

7 days



Shore A Hardnes (7 days / 25°C)


Equipment Cleaning

Fire Reaction Class

Polyurethan Thinner



Prior to applying the primer coat, the surfaces to be applied must be free from oil, dust, and dirty. Free parts on the surface, cement grout on concrete surfaces and parts that prevent adhesion are to be cleaned. Primed surfaces should be blasted with quartz sand depending on surface condition. This will positively affect the bonding performance of the PU 160 polyurethane elastic waterproofing coating to the surface. The product will be bonded to the ceramic surface with the quartz sand by blasting horizontally and vertically on under ceramic PU 160 polyurethane elastic waterproofing coating applications.


A and B component should be mixed with a low speed mixer for at least 3-4 minutes until a homogenous mixture is obtained by paying attention to mixture ratios. It is ready for application after mixing. The mixture should be consumed within 15-20 minutes.


If it is 24 hours past the priming process after the floor is roughened with sandpaper PU 160 polyurethane elastic waterproofing coating should be applied. The product is spreaded to the floor with the help of toothed trowel until the desired thickness can be obtained on the surface of the floor. Air should be taken with a spiked roller, when the coating reaches the appropriate consistency. It is recommended to apply PU 130 Polyurethan Mat protective paint or PU135 PolyurethanBright protective paint with 0,150-0,200 kg/m² waste where high UV resistance is desired.

Products that can be used under this product :

* SC 210 Multipurpose Epoxy Primer

* SC 215 Solvent Free Epoxy Primer

* SC 220 Epoxy Primer for 100% Humid Surfaces

Products that can be used upper this product :

* PU 130 Polyurethane Matt Protective Paint

* PU 135 Polyurethane Bright Protective Paint


* Application should not be applied if the ambient and surface temperature is below +10 ºC or above +30 ºC.

* Avoid application in rainy and windy weather.

* It must be protected against water for at least 24 hours after coating is completed.

* No thinner products should be added to the product during application.

* Relative humidity must not exceed 80% when applied